A common item that is on many people's minds this morning are the two plane crashes in Russia. As Captain Ed points out there are too many coincidences in this event.

  • Two simultaneous plane crashes,
  • Reports of hearing an explosion before the crash of one plane,
  • A distress signal from one plane before going down, and
  • Chechen elections on Sunday.

Since Putin has mobilized the Federal Security Service (abbreviated in Russian as FSB) we would assume that they suspect terrorism as well. However, the FSB released a statement that indicates no terrorism:

Russia's main intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service, said it had found no evidence of terrorism in initial investigations at the crash sites. The FSB—formerly known as the KGB—said it was investigating all possible causes, such as technical failures, the use of poor quality fuel, breaches of fueling regulations and pilot error.

While they didn't find evidence at the crash sites, there is plenty of time to figure out what really happened. I heard on the radio this morning that both black boxes had been recovered intact.

Josh Poulson

Posted Wednesday, Aug 25 2004 08:53 AM

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