Capt. George Elliott Stands By His Statement

Despite the claims by the Boston Globe that Capt. George Elliott retracted his statement from the famous Swift Boat Veterans advertisement, he obviously stands by his statement. As I said before, if these veterans are telling the truth, they will make Kerry regret touting his war record.

While in wartime conditions I can understand chasing down a threat and shooting him in the back, I have to agree with Capt. Elliott when he says he wouldn't recommend the Silver Star to someone for that. After all, that's not nearly the marked distinction one would expect.

Update: A great summary of the Swift Vets charges appears at The Captain's Quarters.

The Swift Vets have sent a letter to station managers in response to the Kerry Campaign's letters sent to intimidate them into not showing the ad.

The whole web site is interesting reading, especially the story about Kerry's first Purple Heart, and the transcript of a 1971 debate Kerry had with John O'Neill on the Dick Cavett Show.

Josh Poulson

Posted Saturday, Aug 7 2004 08:43 AM

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