Arthur Herman on Why India Was Hit

In today's Wall Street Journal Arthur Herman speculates as to why India was hit with a terrorist train bombing:

The real reason India was targeted was because it has transformed itself from a Third World country into a modern economic power, complete with Western-style freedoms. This is precisely what radical Islam most loathes and fears. If the rest of the Third World, especially Muslim countries, learn how to be like India; if they decide to become part of the global order, and learn how to produce wealth on a Western scale and enjoy Western freedoms, including freedom for women, and begin to build pluralist open societies, then the Islamists' dreams of power and domination are dead.

I can understand the Islamic Fundamentalist feeling of sour grapes. India, despite its recent flirtation with censorship of blogs offending Islamists, has improved by leaps and bounds in terms of freedom and economy, joined the nuclear club, and gets respect from all over the globe.

Josh Poulson

Posted Thursday, Jul 20 2006 08:45 AM

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