IPv6 Requirements Loom Closer

According to govexec.com the White House has mandated that all government systems be IPv6 compliant by June 2008. This is a strengthening of the march to IPv6 as the DoD had been pushing its own requirements on this area for some time.

With this person in place, agencies will be charged with developing, by the first quarter of fiscal 2006, an inventory of existing IP-capable equipment and an analysis to determine the financial impact and risks of the transition, Evans said.

The industry will of course be happy about this:

Jawad Khaki, corporate vice president for Microsoft, pushed for a “market-based conversion to IPv6 [as] the most technologically feasible and least disruptive” transition process. He speculated that the flexible nature of IPv6 would mean that conversion activity would happen “at the edge of the network” with home computers, eventually moving to “encompass the rest of the global Internet infrastructure.”

Of course, USAGI and IBM have already put IPv6 into Linux… years ago.

“To reap the benefits from IPv6 federal agencies first must begin to plan and develop requirements that will take full advantage of what the new protocol offers,” committee Chairman Tom Davis said. The Virginia Republican expressed concern about the security and competitive risks associated with the IPv6 transition.

Entrepreneurs! Start your engines!

(Full disclosure: I work for IBM's Linux Technology Center and managed the network group within the LTC for two years.)

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Josh Poulson

Posted Thursday, Jun 30 2005 05:06 PM

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