Kerry Incoherence

Tim Blair points out that The new, improved Kerry is even more incoherent than the last. He highlights this interview snippet with Don Imus, a Kerry supporter and radio show host:

John Kerry: I mean, what you ought to be doing and what everybody in America ought to be doing today is not asking me; they ought to be asking the president, What is your plan? What's your plan, Mr. President, to stop these kids from being killed? What's your plan, Mr. President, to get the other countries in there? What's your plan to have 90 percent of the casualties and 90 percent of the cost being carried by America?
Don Imus: We're asking you because you want to be president.

Kerry did point out his new economic plan yesterday in the Wall Street Journal (the only online site I am willing to pay for). It should available today over at OpinionJournal but I don't see it there yet.

Josh Poulson

Posted Thursday, Sep 16 2004 10:18 AM

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