Fixing the Electoral College

Lots of folks have complained about the electoral college. I think I have a way to fix it.

Chagne the system so that the votes in the electoral college more accurately represent the makeup of the United States: 1 vote for each congressional district, as determined by the vote of the folks in that district, 2 votes for each state, as determined by a statewide vote.

Of course, if you look up at the house and senate at the moment, the GOP is leading the Democrats, but look at the current electoral college and you'll see 55 votes for Kerry in California, but California hardly votes 100% for anything.

People grouse about the popular vote, people grouse about state's rights. I think this system better protects both. It's set up the same way, and for the same reasons, as the House and Senate in the first place.

Frankly, I think governors should be elected the same way.

It does, however, bring up the Gerrymandering debate again...

Josh Poulson

Posted Tuesday, Sep 14 2004 04:23 PM

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