Adultery Not Enough for Divorce?

Misty contributes this article about a divorce case where the husband cheated but the wife resumed conjugal relations after she learned about the affair. The judge ruled the resumption of activities as forgiveness and therefore the affair was not grounds for a divorce.

Josh's comments: Seems to me that someone who cheats on their spouse would be involved in other activities that would sever a marriage, so I wonder if the wife looked hard enough for reasons.

On the other hand, liberationists who justify promiscuity by claming that sex and love are disjoint should be conflicted by this decision. The judge basically insists that the wife must still be in love because she continues to have sex with him. Since liberationists prefer consequence-free activity that should both laud the husband's victory, but also decry the link between sex, love, and marriage.

We shall see if Tammy Bruce, the author of The Death of Right and Wrong, picks up this story. She loves to skewer the "malignant narcissists" when it comes to the consequences of their extreme positions.

Josh Poulson

Posted Monday, Aug 16 2004 11:07 AM

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